“Alison is a spectacular editor with a keen eye. While working with me on the Timekeeper trilogy, she was tough in just the right way, encouraging me to push deeper and try harder while simultaneously cheering me on. She doesn’t just look at the big picture—she looks at all the details too, making sure they align and that they’re consistent. She’s respectful with her authors’ voices and great with diversity, always deferring to the writer’s experience. You couldn’t ask for a better editor.

—Tara Sim, author of the Timekeeper trilogy

“Alison is, by far, one of the smartest, most dedicated, and most observant of all industry professionals I’ve worked with. Her passion for her clients meant that she was available to answer any question, worked extra time to meet deadlines that others would find impossible to even attempt, and never gave anything she did, from structural edits to sending emails, less than 100% of her heart. She listens to the items that are important to a writer in their project, and never edits to remove the voice from a story. She advocates for diversity and actively seeks out under-represented talents, while also championing the importance of their stories and ensuring her editorial advice does not remove or lessen those impactful stories. She is also incredibly aware of market trends and industry news, and her calm head when giving advice on projects is another trait I value highly in her.”

—Carrie DiRisio, author of Brooding YA Hero: Becoming a Main Character (Almost) as Awesome as Me

“Alison is a wonderful editor to work with. She was able to offer ideas and suggestions while allowing my co-author and me to keep our own voices. She has a marvelous sense of humor and a real knowledge of age groups and language. She was able to catch any inconsistencies and make suggestions at an early stage, and read very carefully, making suggestions for revisions which helped make each book in the series stronger and funnier. She answers questions quickly and is always available for advice and bit of hand holding when it’s needed.”  

—Nancy Krulik, international bestselling author of the Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo, George Brown, Class Clown, Magic Bone, and Project Droid series

“Alison is an incredible editor and I’ve loved every minute of working with her. She’s smart, insightful, ruthless when necessary, and so respectful of what you want from your story. The thing that makes her really amazing, though, is her enthusiasm. Her passion for your work will make you fall in love with your story all over again!”

—Sangu Mandanna, bestselling author of A Spark of White Fire and The Lost Girl

“Alison is one of the most insightful, intuitive editors I know. She respects the authors she works with and comes alongside to help you make your manuscript even better than you hoped it would be. I could not have asked for a better editor for my debut novel!”

—Sarah McGuire, author of Valiant and The Flight of Swans

“Alison Weiss has the rare gift of being able to polish a rough manuscript until it shines like the gem you always hoped it could be. As the editor of my first novel, I found her laser-focused, with stellar instincts and an ability to identify areas of weakness and strength. She pushes her clients in the best way possible, not stopping until the work meets her exacting expectations and your wildest dreams. Best of all, she is responsive, professional, and caring. Alison wants her clients to succeed, and she is committed to doing all she can to make it happen. Hiring Alison Weiss is the best investment you could ever make for your writing career.”

—Wendy McLeod MacKnight, author of It’s a Mystery, Pig Face! and The Frame-Up

“I was lucky enough to work with Alison on my debut novel, and cannot stress how greatly her editorial skills improved it. Alison not only has a keen eye for the structure of a novel, she truly cares about the art of storytelling, and is willing to work hard to ensure your story is told in the best way it can be. She provided exceedingly insightful advice regarding plotting, pace, character relationships, and above all, the stakes of the novel. During the process, I realized that Alison wasn’t just making my story better. She was making me a better writer.”

—Patrick Moody, author of The Gravedigger’s Son

“This goes to the heart of the good editor: asking the right questions. Alison did this, constantly. It wasn’t about ‘changing’ my story, it was about getting to the root of it. She was as deeply invested in the book as in me. Her detailed comments on manuscripts, our hundreds of emails back and forth, and the occasional frantic calls (on my end) proved that I and my book mattered. That’s what it’s all about: supporting and making the book amazing.

I could not recommend more highly Alison Weiss as an editor. She is sharp, insightful, and versed in the trade—she knows books and knows the industry. She is dedicated, kind, supportive, and quite clever. Should you find yourself in a plot hole, don’t shout for help. Shout for Alison.”

—Matthew Landis, author of League of American Traitors and Private Nobody

“Alison is the sharpest, most insightful editor I have ever worked with. She identified my story’s strengths and weaknesses with laser-sharp precision, generously highlighting what was already working well and relentlessly pushing me to do better with the parts that weren’t quite there yet. There’s no question that Alison’s margin notes and line edits helped me arrive at the best possible version of my manuscript. Working with her was the smartest decision I’ve made on my writing journey—I only wish I’d found her sooner!” 

—Josh Roberts, author of The Witches of Willow Cove

“As a picture book author tackling my first chapter book, I hired Alison as a consultant. When I received her editorial letter and in-line comments on my manuscript I was floored by the amount of feedback she provided. She gave me thoughtful notes, helped me increase the tension in my story, and pushed me to develop well-rounded characters who could carry a series. She was so pleasant to work with, encouraging me to dig deeper and cheering me on so I believed I could do it. Once I queried agents with my chapter book, I landed multiple offers of representation thanks to Alison’s wonderful work and positive spirit. “

—Lisa Katzenberger, picture book and chapter book author

“I hired Alison for a global/structural edit of my most recent middle grade fantasy, and wow. Her feedback was, without a doubt, the most brilliant and insightful I’ve ever received. With her suggestions, I’ve been able to strengthen the pacing, plot, and character development; really tighten the language; and take a much deeper dive into my world building. The best kind of feedback inspires writers, sparking their creativity and sending idea after idea racing through their minds. That’s exactly what happened as I read Alison’s edit letter, and I will absolutely be seeking her help with my next project. We also did a query letter review, and after three rounds of Alison’s feedback, it was the best query I’ve ever written. I feel confident this is precisely what I needed to move my career to the next level.”

—Ashley Turcotte, middle grade author

“I now know that writing a child’s picture book is truly hard. I also know I would not have a picture book I am excited to offer children had it not been for Alison.

Alison is a professional as in artist, expert, and specialist in the literary field. She is a virtuoso of the written word in technique and execution. She can read a sentence and know what question to ask so that the writer looks at that sentence in a more compelling and original way. Her feedback notes teach lessons and gently push with motivation. What she pulls out of you is authentic dialogue and exciting finishes. She is intuitive and perceptive. I needed her editorial skills to help me take a story she called “sweet” when she first read it to my last revision that I feel has “sparkle.” It’s a work that I am proud of and hope children will read over and over. Alison is my teacher, supporter, and enthusiast. Until my next project, thank you Alison.”

—Rebekah Roberts, picture book author

“Alison was an extraordinary sherpa not just for my three debut authors but also for me as a newly minted children's agent. Although I had been an active editor for 20 years and an adult non-fiction agent for 10, Alison ushered me into the world of kid lit with patience and kindness and such skill. I was in awe of her ability to cut to the heart of a book and truly shape the story, guiding my authors along the way, and making their novels sing. I look forward to more and more projects with her.” 

—Lauren Galit, founder, LKG Agency

“I was lucky enough to have a YA series acquired by Alison during her time at Sky Pony, and as director there, she oversaw two other books of mine that were acquired by other editors. And I was so thrilled for my writers, knowing they were being taken care of and watched out for by someone so talented. 

Consider yourself lucky, if you have a chance to work with this talent. I would happily gush about her to anyone who asks.”

—Eric Smith, agent, P.S. Literary

“I hired Alison Weiss as text editor on a complex kids’ book project with multiple text and image components and a large team: writers, a fact checker, and photo researchers. Alison edited the text from multiple writers beautifully, as well as managing the workflow, and more importantly, the team members, effectively and gracefully. She's a true professional who produces high-quality work, and I highly recommend her.”

—Ellen Scordato, partner, Stonesong Press LLC