What’s the difference between a global edit and an in-depth line edit, and how do I tell which is a better fit for my needs?

Developmental editing is like looking at the forest and the trees and the individual leaves on those trees all at the same time. A global edit focuses on the big picture issues—story arc, plot, character development, pacing, worldbuilding—ensuring that all of the elements of a project are working together to best effect to create a compelling read. In-depth line editing focuses at the line level, paying specific attention to word choice, tone, voice, flow, sentence and paragraph structure. These areas overlap, so it can be a bit confusing.

If you’ve completed a draft and want in-depth professional guidance on how to improve the foundation of your story, you’re looking for a global edit. If you’ve been doing a great deal of revision and are looking for a strong polish to make sure that you’re ready for the submission process or if you’re looking to bring your project up to industry standards before investing in a copy edit or proofread, then a deep line edit may be a better fit.

What are your rates?

Clients and I agree on a flat fee for the project before undertaking our work together. Before taking on a client, I provide a free review of a brief sample (a chapter or two) to evaluate style, voice, density of prose, and other factors that will determine the amount of time the project will involve as well as if I am a good match for the writer in continuing to develop their project.

Does the edit include copy editing and proofreading?

While I will do some correcting of spelling and grammar and catch all continuity issues possible, I still recommend you invest in the services of an experienced copy editor or proofreader before pursuing self-publishing. I focus my attention on making your story sing. Copy editors and proofreaders focus on more technical elements of writing based on style standards (typically Chicago Manual of Style for trade publishing) and play a crucial role in the book-making process.

Does the fee for your editorial packages include a second read after I revise?

Only for those services where multiple reads is specifically listed. I want to see clients succeed. If you are interested in having me take another look at your work after you’ve undertaken a round of revision, I’m happy to discuss a fair rate.

Will you refer me to agents and editors?

No. I will approach your project using the same standards I applied while editing my authors at Sky Pony and Egmont, bringing focus, knowledge of the market, and dedication to your work, but I cannot match you with other industry contacts for representation or publication. However, if you would like advice or insight on the querying process, I’m happy to address this as part of your follow-up phone call or in a separate career consultation call.

Does an editing package include development and editing of my query letter and/or synopsis?

No, but I do offer those services, as well, and I’m happy to discuss a fair rate.

If I work with you, my book will be published, right?

Unfortunately, I can’t make that guarantee. I’m dedicated to helping you continue to develop your project and give it its best shot, but the rest is up to you.

How long will it take to edit my project?

This will depend on my schedule and your project’s length and needs. I’m happy to discuss a reasonable schedule with you.