I offer a full range of editorial services to help those interested in improving their craft and developing their project. Contact me for a free consultation and quote.

If you’re interested in discussing a service not listed below, please feel free to reach out.

Manuscript Consultation

This service is ideal for those in the early stages of developing a project who are seeking a professional eye to identify what’s working, what isn’t, suggest possible solutions, and assess market viability. Think of this as a beta-read with industry insight.

I will read the full manuscript and provide a brief overview editorial letter and one hour-long phone call to discuss the project and brainstorm solutions. This package does not include specific comments on the manuscript, itself.

global/ structural Edit

With a focus on the big picture, a global/structural edit will assess elements such as plot, character development, structure, pacing, and world building that serve as the foundation of your project, providing specific feedback on those areas that are successful and those that need further attention to make the overall work stronger.

This package includes comments throughout the manuscript (though not necessarily in-line), an editorial letter addressing global concerns, and one hour-long follow-up phone call to discuss questions and brainstorm solutions.

in-depth line edit

This service provides a strong polish of a manuscript in preparation for submission or to bring the project up to industry standards before the copy editing and proofreading stages. Focusing on the line level, I will look at how every word works together, assessing word choice, syntax, sentence and paragraph structure, as well as ensuring that any lingering global issues are addressed.

This package includes a deep line edit and comments throughout the manuscript, an editorial letter to guide more global concerns, and one follow-up phone call to discuss questions and brainstorm solutions.

partial Prep

This package is perfect for those polishing their sample pages before sending them off to an agent or submitting to a contest.

This package includes a deep edit of up to 50 pages, editorial letter, and one hour follow-up phone call.

Query Letter review

Agents and editors can decide their potential interest in your project in the span of a few moments. Your query letter is your introduction to your work, and it should be a strong one.

This service includes in-depth feedback to develop your query with a succinct, intriguing hook that will have agent and editors hungry to read more. (Up to three rounds of review.)

synopsis review

A detailed synopsis of your project can be an important tool to help you get a handle on your project or to sell your idea to others.

This service includes in-depth feedback to develop a clear, concise synopsis focused on the important content at the heart of your narrative. (Up to three rounds of review.)

Query Letter/ Synopsis Package

This service includes an in-depth review of your query letter and synopsis in preparation for querying agents or editors. (Up to three rounds of review.)

telephone consultation

This service includes a one hour phone call to discuss industry questions, brainstorm, or strategize social media approaches. The discussion will be guided by your needs, but topics might include: the state of the current children’s or YA market and how your project fits into it; how to approach searching for an agent; how to best promote yourself on social media in a way that works for you; creating a plan when your publishing path takes an unexpected turn; or how to work through a block in you current project.